Residential Services


Houston Electrical Installations

Simple installations such as appliance hook-ups or phone jack set-ups can be done DIY. But numerous electrical jobs require more than just the basic know-how. In fact, you might be required to undergo inspections and acquire permits for more complicated electrical revamps and installations.
So if you are in need of upgrading electrical panels, breaker box inspection, new outlets, re-wiring, or lighting installation, there is only one group you can rely on. And that’s our expert technicians at Best Electrician Houston.

Indoor Lighting

How many people are needed to change a light bulb? One is enough, really. But indoor lighting is more complicated than just installing a single light bulb. You would want professional lighting with aesthetics, functionality and, more importantly, safety in mind. And that entails licensed experts.

Whether it’s a complete indoor lighting installation or setting up a simple lighting fixture, go for the licensed experts who can provide complete customer satisfaction. Call Best Electrician Houston now.

Outdoor Lighting

Did you know that over half of all burglaries occur because of lack of outdoor lighting? Aside from adding beauty to your home, it keeps those burglars who like lurking in the dark away from you and your family.

To ensure that your home and your family are safe, have a good outdoor lighting set-up. And call on Best Electrician Houston for that. Aside from offering the most basic lighting installation for your home’s exterior, we have specialized ones like pathway lighting, landscape lighting, spot and flood and even motion sensors.

Home Generators

A lot of people tend to take home generators for granted since electricity is a service most people expect is ready and ever-present. But in times of calamities, such as hurricanes, electricity goes out in just a snap of a finger. And when that happens, everyone is in a state of immediate panic.

This is why it’s smart to have home generators installed. And it’s important that this be executed by someone who has the expertise to do so. If this is not set up properly, accidents like fires could happen.

So have that source of power on stand-by, just in case. And call best Electrician to provide you with this type of service.

Electricity Minder

Who likes paying too much for anything, especially if it’s a necessary service like electricity? But the fact is, most people actually do so because of inefficient power systems in place. And there seems to be nothing that consumers can do to do to lessen their expenses.

But with an Electricity Minder installed at home, one does not have to worry about wasting energy. Unused electricity gets fed back to the motor which gets recycled and used for other appliances you use at home.

While this is not new technology, only a few electrical providers can actually offer this service. And one of the few in the state of Texas is Best Electrician Houston. Give us a call as soon as possible. Let us help you save energy, lessen your monthly expenses and be more environment-friendly.

Whole Home Surge Protectors

Unexpected power surges hit homes more often than most people assume these do. A sudden lightning strike or some malfunctioning appliance can easily cause a power surge. And that seemingly simple power surge can cause huge problems for the whole house.

Those tiny surge protectors used for specific appliance and / or electric equipment are effective enough, true. But if you want more comprehensive protection for your home, the whole home surge protector is a must-have.
Safety in every home is very important to us. That’s why we make sure that our technicians at Best Electrician Houston are capable and licensed to provide electrical services. Contact us if you want to protect your family and have a whole home surge protector installed.