Commercial Services


Best Electrician understands that businesses have more complex requirements when it comes to their electrical needs. This is why we have experts who are not just experienced when it comes to electrical services but have specialized skills so that they can respond to practically everything that shop owners, business supervisors and managers in all sectors need.

Some of the services we offer include:

Appliance Tagging and Testing

It is very important to take measures to ensure that your workplace is safe for all those inside. Appliance tagging and testing is basically a visual inspection of all the electrical equipment used in the office, including the sockets and supply cords.

This must be done by experts. And we have those at Best Electrician. Give us a call for a quote.

Complete Office Electrical Installation and Shop Fit-Outs

Designing and installing electrical shop fit-outs is not an easy task because this includes various elements from enhanced store lighting, voice and data cable networks, and fire alarm systems, just to name a few.

This has to be accomplished by expert technicians. So contact us because our people aren’t just skilled for this – we are also licensed to do so.

Faulty Electrical Wires Inspection

If a building or an office space is ten years old, there is a definite need for electrical inspection. Old electrical lines can cause a whole lot of problems like malfunctioning appliances and equipment. Worse, it could cause accidents like fires which is life-threatening.

Undergoing annual inspection is a must-do as this is part of the general and programmed maintenance of your work space. Best Electrician Houston, with its expert technicians and high-end equipment, will do a great job for you.

Installation of Energy Efficient Lighting

We all know how important it is to use energy efficient lighting these days – particularly in the work place. We are all aware of LEDs and CFLs and how these can save companies a whole lot of money.

But expert technicians at Best Electrician Houston understand every single aspect about these and can help your company save even more. Give us a call if you have decided to revamp your whole lighting system.

Data and Phone Installation and Repairs

Phone connections and the internet are requirements which offices cannot go without in this day and age. This is why we at Best Electrician Houston have included this in our service menu. Aside from offering installation of data and phone lines from scratch, we also do general maintenance and even repairs, when needed.

Working in accordance with state regulation and international safety standards, Best Electrician ensures that every single project is completed with the highest quality, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients.